The most popular and fashionable clothing piece for men during the fall and winter seasons are outerwear clothing. Levi’s outerwear for men can be found as trucker jackets, bomber jackets, blazers, coats, field jackets, vests, parkas, and a lot more. Some of the styles available in this collection are more appropriate for casual events while others are the best choice for formal and dressy events such as blazers, coats, and vests. 

Levi’s blazers are very trendy this season! On a more casual side, bomber jackets and field jackets are the best for when going to university or when meeting friends at the mall. You can find Levi’s outerwear in colors such as black, blue, navy, beige, olive, and a lot more.  Finally, you can find several Levi’s jackets and coats with details such as pockets, collars, hoods, fur, cuffed sleeves, waist belts, and a lot more!