It is always essential to remember that children are blessed with a tender and supple skin. To maintain it a proper diet schedule and exercise are extremely essential. Parents should take care of the proper grooming and a fitness regime to make their children equally healthy and beautiful. This article imparts some knowledge on the basic beauty tips for kids.

A Balanced Diet - Parents should remember that a proper diet is extremely essential to maintain a healthy skin and body. Thus, apart from green leafy vegetables numerous colored vegetables should also be added in their diet. For a glowing and radiant skin the intake of Vitamin C is also very essential. Thus, there should be numerous citrus fruits added in the diet chart. Children often like junk food but these oily and greasy food do not have any nutritional value. On the other hand these can cause the radiance of the skin to deteriorate. So, it is always essential to make them drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy food habit.

Exercise - Children should always follow a regular exercise regime. This will indeed help them in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Cleansing of the face - Most of the children have an oily skin and their long exposure to dirt can cause disastrous effect. Thus, proper cleansing with a mild face wash is highly recommended. Again, to avoid dryness proper baby moisturizer should be applied immediately after cleaning.

Hair care - Like skin our hair too requires proper care and children are no exception. Regular massage of hair oil saves the hair from damage and split ends. So, it always better to oil their hair at least twice a week and then wash it off with a mild baby shampoo.

Sleep - To maintain a healthy and fresh skin, children should get more than 10 hours of sleep.

Proper Hygiene - Along with a healthy food habit children should always be encouraged to maintain a proper hygiene. Nails should kept clean and a regular bathing habit should be developed. It is always advisable to use mild shampoo and powder on their skin.

Ways to Prevent Allergy - Parents should always avoid to experiment with the child's skin. They are blessed with a naturally tender and soft skin. Moreover, their soft skin is often prone to allergies. So, it is always preferred to avoid harsh soaps and other skin creams.

Thus, by following these simple points children can be blessed with beautiful skin and hair.