So for this brief at fashion college we had to do a group project on swimwear for 4 to 5 models. These are the pieces and prints that I designed and worked on. The concept for this brief was based on Cirque Du Soleil where we got to choose two shows ( varekai and allegria) and create an inspired theme for our swimwear.
The pieces are pretty over the top but in fashion college thats what you design, so you push your creativity levels!! Although I don't think i'll be seeing too many people wearing these to beach anytime soon :p
Props to Think Positive for the digital printing!!
:) xx

Gotta love mirror image digital prints!!
Women's swimwear front
Women's swimwear back 
Mens cover up back
Mens cover up front
( can't wait to see the surfer guys in this one!!)

Finished idea of the women's coverup
Volcanic Explosion!
I Love Photoshop!!!