not because of the fact that I always admired 3.1 from afar; not because of the fact that I spent my year living in NYC working at 3.1 – (and working alongside Phillip himself a few times); and not because the best of my wardrobe is comprised of mostly 3.1 garb; but simply because P.L. is not about the "It" factor, but instead the "what is that you're wearing, and where'd you get that?" factor that makes him so much above the rest. timelessness over timed trends, i say.

the 3.1 aesthetic is architecturally simple and complex, with multi functional components: 2-in-1 coats, cropped-sweater-turned-scarves, tank-to-totes, and endless possibilities of layers, layers, layers!

i love the lightness of his fabrics, the weight of his coats, the prints of his silks, and the draping of his effortless dresses.

this upcoming spring, fly away with the 3.1 kite in airy pastels; then take flight with the superheroine come pre-fall with incognito outerwear and out of space pants. photos like these make me wish i was still behind the scenes.

pre-fall '12