these past few weeks have been filled with fun activities: working, baking, decorating, and shopping (for gifts, of course)...and a little bit of indulgence. 'tis the season right?
this time of the year always brings very optimistic thoughts for what may happen in the new year to come. if 2011 is any indication of what 2012 may be like, i am in for one hell of a year.

here's hoping! happy holidays!!
a view of downtown LA from the Revolve office rooftop
a very Acne look: equipment blouse, j. brand leather pants @
fur all day
brunch @ CHAMPAGNE BAKERY, south coast plaza w/ my sister

newest creation @ my etsy store WEST PRINCE
i love the smell of fresh-cut christmas trees
beach-appropriate winter-wear: chiffon dresses, holey knits, sequin minis, and feather vests // ONLY in southern california. @
my favorite look of the day: head to toe in THEORY
stylist du jour, RiK
not a bad day at the office
I LOVE FRENCH MACARONS!...especially when they're home-made
pistachio mmmm
pistachio and almond macarons with buttercream and chcolate ganache fillings
gowns from spring 2011
leather paillettes and sequins!!!
my recent artwork
cozy faux fur pillows
O.P.I. EXTRA-VA-VAGANZA nail varnish perfect for the holidays
our simple & chic xmas tre
 thank you for letting me share all my photos! i can't help but be surrounded by beeaaauutiiiffuuull things.