If the awfully first thing you desire of as you awaken is searching into a mouth watering vegetable burger, then drive directly towards McDonald’s (Colaba). Known as one of the planet's major eat out joints, McDonald’s has Indianised their menu to match the desi palate, with no jeopardizes on excellent quality, price and taste. Let your kid run to the ketchup squirt, to get refills, and observe them shine with pleasure at the website of the vibrant decor and toys guaranteed with every visit.

After a busy morning, if craving for meals set in with revenge, it's time to fuel up on calories with McDonalds’ shahi snacks like McCurry paneer and McCurry chicken. For cool savours, dig into chicken Mexican or the paneer salsa wraps. Mock your taste buds with McAloo and McChicken, cleansing it down with a freezing Cola or Cold Tea.
McDonald’s stuff

The pleasantly moist fillet o seafood and the incredible chicken McGrill are genuine pleasures with robust notes. With kids in tow, just order up a couple of happy meal offering a hot burger, a drink and a surprise toy with every meals. Look at something that is healthy and value for money? Choose up the combo meal, which will leave you belching with satisfaction as you slurp the last of the Mcshake.
McDonald’s Menu

On days when sudden flurry of visitors barging in for evening meal, and you have nothing ready? Worry not, get the cell phone and switch 6600 066 to get a bag of McDonald’s snacks. They not only provide hot, but also within 7minutes, that is offered you stay within closeness. What more could you ask for in a meals, right?

McDonald’s, meals paradise for youth and old.