I posted about this Alden's 1956/57 Catalog before, but today we get to see some of the sewing machines and accessories. I haven't ever found an actual Alden's machine but one source says "Alden is just a badged machine - meaning what ever company sold those put their name on it. They all came out of the same plant though. Post war II - made in Japan - maybe a Singer 15-99 knock off - some of those were pretty well made and a very powerful machine."
But just look at the prices and the cool styling!

The zig-zag machine for $99.98 does "100 chores without attachments" and the $59.98 one could be had $10.00 cheaper without a case.

To store your new machine you needed a Console or even better a Consolette!

For $100.00 or so more you could get an "Amazing built-in brain with auto-magic action..", or choose a knock-off of the Singer Featherweight.

"The sensational new automatic Zig-Zag" is "just like having your own private seamstress", and the Accessories fit all Alden's and Singer machines, so I guess that's our clue that these were one and the same, or at least mighty close.