When the weather warms up, shorts become one of the most well-known fashion collections. Discover the right couple of shorts, though, isn't always simple. Styles change from one season to the next, and not every couple of shorts works for every body type. Learn how to discover perfect shorts for your body and take a look at these popular trends to discover a pair that work for you.

Cuffed: This informal classic has been getting more and more swing in the trend seen lately, with cuffed shorts showing in every length, from Bermuda to short shorts, and in all material, from jean to twill and linen. The most famous look in cuffed shorts, though, is a mid-length pair that reveals off your feet without showing too much skin. Get a cuffed pair for yourself and wear them with an airy summer button-down shirt and gladiator sandals for a look that is correspondent parts ultra-trendy and smoothly relaxed.

Girls Shorts

Bermuda: Short shorts have always been the quickest way to bombshell fashion in the heat of summer, but knee-length Bermuda shorts are quickly becoming just as elegant and slightly attractive in their own right. Look for a pair in dark denim to wear on with a red flower print clothing or pair some khaki Bermudas with a compact tank and aviator sunglasses. When you're dressed in longer shorts, it makes it much simpler to wear less on top devoid of show off too much skin. Try pairing your Bermudas with a attractive halter or tube top.

Pleated trouser: Classic dressed in to work is getting a casual-chic transformation everywhere in fashion, and trouser shorts are at the center of the pattern scene. The most popular styles are made of khaki twill and feature pleated fronts to imitate a classic trouser. This fashion is dressier than common 5-pocket jean shorts and more relaxed, too. Play with the office look and try trouser shorts in traditional patterns and styles, like linen and pinstripe and even tweed.

Girls Shorts

Rompers: For those who want a bit anxious and fresh, or merely want to keep away from having to put together a shirt and shorts combination, rompers are the pattern to put on. These one-piece shorts clothing are famous to wear alone or padded with cardigans, belts and still leggings, and the ease of a one-piece completely reveals the simple and easy, carefree mind set of both current style and summer fashion. Try a romper with shoes and sunglasses for the day, and then add a jean jacket and compact scarf to conversion into the evening.

High-waist: This retro look is making a return in the fashion scene and is a perfect look for just about all body type. To get the right high-waist look, search for shorts that are mid-length or shorter to balance out the higher waistline and that are fixed through the hip and waist. High-waist shorts seem to be more excellent with an breezy clothing nestled in and wide belts overtop to emphasize the cinched-waist look. Pair them with tall wedges to make longer your legs and bring to light the retro look.