To look fashionable is not challenging specially when you have the right mind-set to life. There are many other factors that figure out how smart you are than just the outfits you are wear. No query that the first impact on people who see you would be by evaluating what brands you wear because that is what an eye can understand at the first look. Therefore, to improve the “first look impression” of you, follow some very exciting monsoon fashion tips.

A Comfortable Pair of Denims
Most men can sleep in their most preferred pair of denims as they are traditional and easy. What is essential, is the right fit of your denims. Monsoons mean wet and sweating. So, you should prevent wearing too fitted denims that usually tend to stick on you. This can be quite unpleasant when it rains and you get absolutely awash.

Men Fashion Tips for Monsoon
Monsoon is full of the water messes and the water everywhere. Light shaded denims get really unclean and the stains are very difficult to wash off. So, it's better to wear a loose fit black shaded denims that is perfect for the season.

Flimsy T-shirts
Wear really awesome thin relaxed tee shirts in vivid colors. This is certainly a must have in your monsoon clothing collection. It is easy to dry if you get wet in the rainy season. Unusual brands come up with excellent funky styles in many shades that enhances the gloomy weather. Perfect for fashion conscious college guests, t-shirts can be paired with the above described calm denims and you're excellent to go in the rainfall. Raincoats in cool shades are also a excellent and very fashionable concept for the monsoons.

Proper Shoes To Keep The Water Away
When it rains, the essential factor that comes to our mind is that our shoes/sandals would get dirty. Shoes that are quickly washable, ideally sneakers, should be worn during the monsoons. Flip flops are also perfect while you want to phase out in the rain and have some water splashing on your friends. Loafers and shoes are also fairly comfortable during monsoons.
Waterproof Watch

Waterproof Watch
Sport a awesome fashionable watch on your hand but be sure it's the waterproof. How old-fashioned would it be to put on an costly watch which prevents after getting wet in the rain? Why not buy a stylish the waterproof watch as it is one of the must have in your monsoon ensemble? It is just not intended for monsoon; it can be used for swimming or on a beach too. The whole concept is to look stylish even when it rains intensely.

Sport A Cool Monsoon Haircut
A monsoon hairstyle is one that is easy to manage and is absolutely fashionable. Why not sport different hairstyles along with unusual seasons?

Avoid color or streaking. Frequently conditioning of hair and implementing hair packs are recommended during monsoon because this is time when most of you experience frizzy and wet hair.